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The science of productivity down to three states:
1. To do,
2. In progress,
3. Complete.

Up your task management game

RuggedTasks is a task management service built to bring out your ideas, manage tasks, chat, and enhance collaboration in a vibrant and productive way.

Build Your Tasks

with clear objectives

Breathe fresh life into your task management process on a platform that inspires productivity.

Create unlimited Tasks

Build boards to organize related tasks into a single view

Quickly comment and update the status of your tasks

Easily attach your images, documents, audio and video files

Group your tasks into boards

Organize your tasks within related boards and track your progress.

Made for collaboration

With teams in mind

Share your board and assign unlimited tasks with anyone and collaborate in real-time.

Easy communication

With less distractions

Hundreds of emails a day can be a drag on productivity and staying focused. We've fixed that. Start conversations and invite as many users as you like!

Quick Search

Search whatever you wish for with just a keyboard press to instantly find what you need.

Productivity on the go

Progressive Web Application

PWA is a new technology that enables developers to build applications that feel native with standard web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Skip the messy downloads

Get a mobile experience without having to navigate to the app store, searching and downloading anything.

Beautifully responsive

Pick up from where you left off, and continue your collaboration with all the same features available to you on the web application.

Mobile ready

Every page is designed to work beautifully across all your devices.

30+ game changing features

Unlimited Tasks

Create as many tasks as your need to get your work done fast and efficiently.


Organize your tasks by grouping them in a board to track your progress as you work.


Beautiful snapshots into your messages, teams and activities from your home page

Quick Search

Finding your tickets is a breeze with our intuitive quick filter search.


Take your projects with you on your mobile devices without having to install multiple apps.

Clear priorities

Spend less time figuring out what you need to work on with clear lines of sight


Turn your online acquintances into real-life buddies with super simple meetups

Chat & conversations

Start group chats, invite new participants and message in a really fun way.

Secure site

Always secured with automatic renewing and up-to-date SSL certs

99.99 Uptime

Over the last 12 months with a high-availability architecture for resilience


Easily view your tasks by status and assignee on your boards or home page

Clone items

Save time with fast clones of your tasks with all the details

Activity stream

Keep track of what everyone is doing with our simple activity stream.

Bring teammates

Organize into teams and collaborate with others to build the next big thing.

2-factor Sign In

Extra extra layer of authentication security with email and text confirmation codes.

A start of

A whole new way for Task Management

Unlimited access to all our features from tasks, boards, messages and a whole lot more. Easily manage your account through paypal or other a commonly accepted forms of payment.

$7 user / Month
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